I have often been asked what I think about on runs – especially the ones in challenging landscapes. So, consider this post a listener request. Below is the abridged version for some of my thoughts and useful visual aides to capture the moment.

Race start at 7:18:02

7:18:06- what? How could my right knee be screaming like that I have taken 6 steps. In 53 years that knee has never bothered me. Just ignore it. Hmm. video

7:18:10 – maybe not right knee, but right IT band. Should I stop and stretch? No, you are not alone. Remember the thirsty lion a few days ago, he might be hungry again. Think of options…

7:18:19- idea! run on ball of foot see if pain stops. What is the ball really called… metatarsals, that’s right. Jog on your metatarsals… does not sound as simple that way though.

7:19:24-  knee pain stops. Mental Happy Dance. Go metatarsals!

7:29:40- shoot, shoot, shoot, have I bruised ball of foot? Silly metatarsals. Shift weight to left foot but do NOT limp or show weakness. Yikes, animals are everywhere. Think of something nice, like last night’s sunset.

7:32:52- Argh, where did that rock come from. Close call. Pay attention. Shoulders back, eyes up, arms steady. Think of Chariots of Fire. Who sang that song? Yes, Vangelis. How did it go… ‘ta-da-da-da daa…ta-da-da-da-daa’… Who was the character that jumped the hurdles with the champagne flutes on them? Lord Lindsey I think. Yes, it was definitely Lord Lindsey. Picture the scene.

7:45:02 – This is simply amazing. Wow. Get video for everyone back home. Don’t say anything silly when narrating. Do not trip when filming. Focus. video

8:21:56-  Woohoo! You are in the Serengeti, who ever would have thought. The ground reminds me of the gumbo muck out on the Shanghai Trails ride in Texas… but wait, those are tiny wildebeest hoof prints. Oooh, and little Zebra hoof prints. Oh my, and here they are in the flesh. Ok, it is ok, they are herbivores and herbivores run away… right, who told me that… video

8:42:40 – Wildebeest and Zebra are both ungulates. Shoot, what is an ungulate again? And what about those Topie or is it Topy or Topi? And would the plural be Topiis? They look so magical. Then again all of these animals look magical- and no fences, just wandering the earth. Shoot, why didn’t DeeDee come with me, she knows all of this stuff. video

Quick Fix and off we go!

8:46:19 – What in the world, really, my third toe on my right foot. Did I leave a sewing needle in my sock? Ow! What is that? Oh, I remember now, a certain mare rested her 1,112 lbs on my toe in May. But it should be 6 months until that toe-nail comes off… June 1 month, July 2 month, August 3 month, September 4 months, October 5 months…just my luck to have a hyper-organised toenail replacement genetic make-up… wonder if they tell you that on 23 and me… Good thing I packed the burn-pad and super-secret tape… God, that Mishi is a saviour here she is with my Hermione Granger black bag…

8:49:57- 10 point check. Feet and toes – OK; ankles- brilliant; knee left- good; knee right- better; hamstrings- yup; quads- happy;hips- warming up: Lower back- chiro is miracle worker, must remember thank-you gift; shoulders- loose; neck- a-ok. All systems go! Let’s use our inside voice to sing…’Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only 53, she can dance, she can limp, having the time of her life….’ video

10:19:04 – gee, that sun is bright. Whoa, what is that noise. I cant see anything. Wait, that is a vehicle coming up behind, and they are calling our name. ‘Hey India, do you know YMCA?’.video

10:22:09 – that Elana is a wonder. Amazing life. So cool to see running so effortless.  I wonder where she is now, probably at the Kenya border … video

10:36:08 – this wind and theses ankle turning rocks… but a reprieve from the trip inducing Wildebeest trails of yesterday. How again did I get here? It is just so National Geographic meets Absolutely Fabulous, must make plans to return… video

10:37:12 – oh my, this is just stunning, we have seen so much, shoulders back, head up…WHAAAAT, did an Ostrich just cut across trail? ‘Hey India did you see that?’…’Yes I did’….’Do you promise to back me up when I tell people at home that an Ostrich crossed the trail’….’Absolutely’. How cool is this!

10:48:03- Oh no you do not Mr. Hyena. Just turn around. Look Big. What was that movie… Gods Must Be Crazy… find a piece of wood, be big. Should I really follow advice from movie… video

10:48:14- Squeal… look it is one of the curiously busy Warthogs coming to join us!

Hey where did the morning go?

End Day One – India, Elana, Lisanne

Finish of Day 2 – Our Wonder Scouts with India and Lisanne