To quote one of our fearless leaders ‘The amount of game is just ridiculous’. Now, seeing as how I was pretty much in awe in a sort of Jurassic Park way I was encouraged to hear this. Plenty of game in my mind meant the lions would be unimpressed with our scrawny bodies plodding across the plains thereby content to dine on their regular buffet offerings. Win-Win.

Within say 3 seconds of leaving the Conservation center we encountered zebras, blue headed guinea fowl(that is for you Pam), elephants(fyi those in the know call them Ellies), and Thomson gazelles. Within 3 minutes we added Warthogs, Giraffes and Ostrich to the mix, as well as, some impressive sounding birds. And for the sans-safari readers, Warthogs are the the cutest, shyest, tails-up little guys in the Serengeti.

Within moments of hitting the open road

And my personal favorite. Whenever we saw a Warthog they seemed as though they were late for something and just had to be on their way.

Blue headed or such guinea fowl

Now as we zipped on to our Singita Explore camp the viewing just got better. And it was quite disorientating to see so many living, free-roaming animals that I have never seen in their natural habitat before. If this is what I was seeing in the first 30 minutes I knew this was going to be one mind-blowing adventure. And I was also starting to kick myself that I never saw the movie the Lion King…

And as it is the end of this quick post, here is a short video that captures the game guide zebra crossing joke…