“Question Everything”- Albert Einstein

And so we will. Welcome to the first Blog post where no question goes unanswered and we amuse ourselves(and hopefully our 3 loyal readers) by often phrasing answers in the form of a question a la the number one game show in the USA — JEOPARDY!.

Wondering how we are getting to London? Click three spaces to the right. j1 . If you are trying to click here you have gone too far.

We realized we were just one step removed from wearing matching sweatsuits and neck pillows – take a look at how we presented to British Airways check-in. Who out there remembers garanamils as a kid? For a blast from the past here click here.

Grrr Animals!

Clearly Sally is the gazelle and I would be the elephant. Speaking of elephants who knows what Sally was given for Valentine’s Day – she became an adopter of Sweet Sally – a once orphaned elephant in Kenya. Why give roses when you can give a gift that keeps on giving … and Sweet Sally sure did as she had a son Safi!

Sweet Sally and her boy Safi

Thee Sweet Sally